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We love helping people decide – and achieve – the next steps in their working lives.
Whether you want to progress in your career, return to work, change careers
or start your own business, we would be delighted to help.

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Aviva investors Return to Work Programme for financial services professionals

Aviva Investors Return to Work Programme

The Aviva Investors Return to Work programme is a tailored six month initiative for finance professionals returning to work after an extended career break of two years or more. Unlike many returnship…

Woman on returnship programme in London

Santander 2019 Returnship Programme

Applications are now open for the Santander returnship programme.  Based in London or Milton Keynes, the programme is open to experienced professionals wishing to return to work after a career break of…


Welcome to Runneth. We are Career Experts, here to focus on your working life – whether you want to progress in your career, change careers, return to work, or perhaps you are just keeping an eye on possible opportunities.

We help people create fulfilling work lives. We do this by offering career and business coaching, and by sharing interesting jobs and return-to-work opportunities. We provide a safe-haven to ask advice and get support.

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Career Coaching London Clients Runneth London

What Our Clients Say…

“Kath is incredibly insightful and helped me to structure my thinking about careers. Her guidance was intelligent and reflected a
wealth of experience.”

Victoria F
Hampstead, London

“I found it very helpful and motivating and I found myself more confident
and energised. I would not hesitate
to look to Kath for advice
in the future.”

Taikwan W
Wandsworth, London

“Kath helped me identify my passion and inspired me to come up with
ideas that I would never have
been brave enough to consider
on my own.”

Belinda W
Earlsfield, London

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Return to Work

Whether you are returning to work after a short or long break, and to your previous career or to something completely new, we are here to help with practical, expert advice. From target job identification and updating CVs, to ensuring a confident, seamless start back at work, we can help with every step of your return to work.

Find Your Ideal Job

We can help you work out the next best role for you.  We will help you to understand your working self better – your skills, motivations, work values – so you can discover those roles that will be good fit for you. Whether you want to stay in your chosen career in a new role, or career change into something completely new, we can help you take the practical steps to get there.

Career/Parent Balance

As working parents, we understand only too well the endless juggling that comes with being a working parent.  With our coaching for working parents you will better understand how and where you spend your time, and you will be able to get more strategic about how you manage your career and your home life.  Our clients say that their newfound clarity and some simple changes have helped them perform better at both work and home.

Start Your Own Business

Perhaps you have an idea for a new business, or you just know you’d like to work for yourself but don’t yet have ‘the idea’.  Either way, we are happy to help you clarify your goals, hone your business concept (or choose from multiple concepts), and get you started along the road to becoming an entrepreneur.  We will provide practical and pragmatic advice, and solutions to common start up challenges, as only experienced serial entrepreneurs can.