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Bubele article written by Runneth

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Top 6 London Meet Up Spots – For Work or Pleasure

Bubele National Newsletter 
Author: Kath Sloggett
October 2017

As a Career Coach, I usually meet my clients in a quiet café.  Over the past few years, I have worked at countless venues across London, but today I have shortlisted my 6 favourite meeting spots for you – and the great news is that they are all yours for the price of a cup of coffee (or two!).

Whether you are meeting a client, a colleague, or a friend, these meeting places provide the perfect setting.

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Bubele Article Written by Kath Sloggett of Runneth4 Must Have Apps to Help Busy Parents Manage Work and Home Better

Bubele National Newsletter
Author: Kath Sloggett
September 2017

Feeling stressed? Not enough hours in the day? Life seems to be increasingly busy for most people, and working parents often feel under pressure from both work and home.

Here entrepreneur and career coach, Kath Sloggett, who is a mother to two young children, shares four of her favourite apps for taking stress out of the everyday juggle.

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How To Return To Work After A Career Break

Bubele National Newsletter 
Author: Kath Sloggett
September 2017

Perhaps you have been on a family career break for some time, or perhaps you are just hoping to return to something new after your maternity leave. Whatever your circumstances, Career Expert Kath Sloggett of Runneth has some simple tips to get you started.

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How Do I Make Mornings Go More Smoothly?

Prima Baby Magazine
Author: Georgina Wintersgill
Contributor: Kath Sloggett
October 2015

If you’re no stranger to chaotic, stressful mornings when just getting everyone out of the house on time seems like a battle, join the club.  But mornings don’t have to be that way.  Yes,…

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Founder Series: International Women’s Day

Author: Dahlia Dajani
March 2017

So Kath, What’s your story? How did you become an entrepreneur – what was your motivation to start Runneth?:  “Runneth is my third business, and it really came about very naturally.  I had been coaching startups for almost ten years and then, more recently, started two other businesses…

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How To Stay Current During A Career Break

Focus Magazine 
Author: Kath Sloggett
May/June 2017 Edition

People take career breaks for a multitude of reasons – caring for elderly parents, starting a business, relocating with a partner, and raising a family.  Whatever the reason and the duration…

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3 Tips for an Easier Return to Work Following Maternity Leave

Mums In The Wood 
Author: Kath Sloggett
December 2015

Let’s face it, returning to work after maternity leave can be daunting.  Even though you may be returning to the same employer, and usually the same role, it can feel like a much bigger step.  Such huge changes have happened in our lives since leaving work to start maternity leave, and the focus has shifted…

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Jumpstart Your Job Prospects with the Right Resolutions

Author: Kath Sloggett
November 2016

I don’t know about you, but my New Year resolutions are often long forgotten by February (OK, by mid-January – shhhh…).  So I want to help you with some simple, easy to achieve, resolutions and actions for finding your next job.…

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Editor’s Picks:  Runneth London

Queen’s Park Mums 
Author: Anna
June 2017

So many of us feel in a rut after having children, with the sinking feeling that our choices are limited. Do we go back to work and risk potentially missing out on seeing our little ones grow and develop; or stay at home, live on a tighter budget and risk…

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How To Stay Up-To-Date During A Career Break

Perfect Cuppa English 
Author: Kath Sloggett
March 2016

Kath Sloggett, founder of Runneth London, is our guest blogger this month.  Kath is a career coach and she regularly helps people return to work after a career break.

Relocating to a new country is just one of many reasons for taking a career break…

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Get Appy

Baby London Magazine
Author: Kath Sloggett
September/October 2015

With new apps hitting the market daily, Kath Sloggett puts forward the very best apps for pregnancy, new mothers and toddlers.  This review features The Wonder Weeks, Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, Toca Kitchen Monsters, and more …. plus Deliveroo 🙂

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