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How about inviting some friends to join you?  Research shows that people who talk about their goals are much more likely to achieve them.  Signing up for the Jump is a fantastic first step.  But what about inviting a friend or two to join you – to nudge you along and help celebrate at the end?  ☕️🌟🍰

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January Jump FAQs

The January Jump is a free and friendly online Career Bootcamp, to help you get career-ready for 2018.  It has been designed by Runneth’s Founder and Career Expert, Kath Sloggett.

It is a series of bite-sized tasks, most of which will take less than 30 minutes. The aim is to make it easy and simple – breaking down bigger tasks into quicker and easier steps.  We want you to enjoy the process and to see real progress as you complete the January Jump!

The January Jump will be helpful for you if you want to:

  • update your CV, and create or update your LinkedIn profile
  • step up in your current career – go for a promotion, ask for a pay rise, or plan your next development move
  • return to work after a (short or long) career break
  • change careers

You will set your personal Jump goals and some of the tasks will be bespoke for you – ensuring the Jump is both relevant and effective.

The January Jump will cover 16 tasks, spread over 24 days of January 2018.  Don’t panic – they are designed to be quick and easy, and most will be ticked off in less than 30 minutes.

By the end of January you will have taken concrete steps towards achieving your major career goal for 2018, whether that might be a promotion or pay rise, to return to work, to change careers, to move to part-time or flexible work, or something else.

And you will have sorted out your basic career admin – CV, LinkedIn, etc – along the way.

Yes, there are plenty of catch up days included in the schedule but you can also slow down (or even defer) the Jump if you wish.

We know that sometimes life – work, kids, illness, weather – can get in the way of our best laid plans.  So, if you need to slow down or defer the Jump, then do it.  The main thing is that you come back to it when you are ready.

We simply ask that you restart from where you left off as we have designed the online Career Bootcamp in such a way that the earlier tasks lay the foundation for the later tasks – so it will make more sense, and be easier, if you do the tasks in the correct order.

You can save the Jump emails that you receive from us, and read them when you are ready.  This Jump page – along with links to each task – will remain active too.

The best way to take part in the Jump is to join.  You will then receive an email with each task, so you can take part in the Jump in real time, sharing the learning with the group and taking advantage of the free Q&A sessions that we will run.  You will also have the emails to refer to later, or to go back to should you wish to stall part of the Jump (or defer it entirely).

The other way to take part in the Jump is to remember to visit this page on a daily basis throughout January 2018.

You can choose the approach that suits you best.  However research has shown that you are more likely to stick with the Jump – and to make the most of it – if you sign up to receive emails.

Either way, it is completely free, and we will be delighted to have you be part of the Jump!

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